IUVA Hotel & Resort

The site is located in the Unguja Island, Zanzibar. Unguja is the first largest and most touristic island of the Zanzibar Archipelago. Moreover, it has the latitude of 6.1357S, 39.3621E and has the highest elevation of the island which is 195 meters. The site faces the Indian ocean on its east side, the Bwejuu Michamvi Road on its west, the Khatib Mbaraka Plot on its south and a local property on its North. Normally in design when we have a seaside view, there is a responsibility for the designer to create a relationship between the site and the project to create the form. In this project, the main road is as important as the Indian ocean beach. Therefore, the idea is to create a connection between the seaside and the main road and to invite native people and their lifestyle to this context. respectively, we have merged modern architecture into local architecture to create an attractive form for both visitors and the locals.

  • Type


  • Date


  • Status

    Concept Design

  • Location

    Zanzibar, Tanzania

  • Scale

    6.09 Hectare


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