Tabriz Residential

The current residential apartment under construction is located in Tabriz, Iran. This project is designed to perform as a family dwelling.  The project brief was comprised of designing a facade, but we suggested to design and reorganize the section through redefining the living scenarios in each level. We changed the organization of the existing plans to seven different apartments with different scenarios which includes five standard units and two duplexes above. The idea of reorganization started from analyzing the existing structure potentials and limitations to have a new interpretation of the existing structural performance. In this way each slab is understood as a platform to generate different living scenarios through their different envelopes and connections to each other which happens through the addition of some voids along edges and in between.

  • Type


  • Date


  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Location

    Tabriz , Iran

  • Scale

    3000 sqm


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