Suspended Pergolas Residence

Entering a Persian garden usually happened through an entrance gate. Through the lens of an observer from the outside, the inner walled garden is perceived as a patch of greenery on top of the Khaki-colored walls. The entrance might have been spectacular, especially in significant cases, such as Royal Gardens. Sometimes the entrance was a great architectural element, as interesting as the main villa/palace/pavilion that was built in the middle of the garden, and sometimes they were the same building, such as Sarhang Abad Palace, that the main building is also the main entrance and in touch with the surroundings. “Inspiration from Persian paintings”: In addition to the inspirational aspects of perspectives and the method of story-telling, the heritage of Persian paintings show that the gardens do embrace pergolas, tents and pavilions in their context. Entrance to a residential unit or building starts through a spatial introduction in the form of a semi-open space that is called the Iwan. There is a very close connection between the architectural built elements and the landscape. The tents are used very commonly as it is possible to be realized through historical texts, such as Ruy Gonzalez de Clavi Jo, the Spanish ambassador of Henry III of the Castile to the court of Timur, Founder an ruler of the Timurid Empire in Persia. The terraces and the balconies used to be very common, and many activities and functions were taking place in them.

The design strategy of this project was growing the existing greenery on the site and toward the sky as the building elevates. The building has two separate parts: one that is a net simple form and one that has a diversity of terraces. These two parts are connected through a bridge which is the entrance space to the residential units as well. The part with the terraces and greenery is located on the axis that the existing trees are standing.

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  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Location

    Tehran , Iran

  • Scale

    7200 sqm


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