Sahi Villas Complex

Rudehen is located just past the fork between Haraz and Firoozkooh roads. The Alborz mountain range sits to the North. It is surrounded by mountains to the North, and Mt. Ghorch, Mt. Soori, and others to the South separating it from the central plateau of Iran. It is 1850 meters above the sea level and has a total area of 50 square kilometers. Before the construction of Tehran-Mazandaran Road, the area was called Damavand in historic references. After the construction of the road in 1903, however, Rudehen was referred to as a place for rest midway of the road. As an example, in Matla-ol-shams written by Sani-al-doleh, it reads: “Rudehen is about 3 kilometers away from Bumehen near the Ah river and is on the left side of the road”. It has 15 families, all are immigrants from Urmieh. Sani-al-doleh in 1875 and British Oliver Darsi in 1830 both passed the road and mentioned the name of the villages which are now part of the town or the surrounding areas. This project has 11 land parts with various areas which are partitioned by their dimensions as 3 type of land. The site used to have a main road for the access path; while, by the strategy of design it has turned to walkway path for more interaction between users and friendly atmosphere. The most buildings designed in the center of the site while the rest of the land would be useless. In this case the mass would be separated to different parts according to the function of the spaces. By the best optimization the separated parts located in specific land spot to have the best mutual relation with other spaces. Then the program loaded in partitioned blocks and the final form applied. The identity of context shows the importance of nature and green areas. The site analysis leads design path to respect the land identity and environmental aspects. The slopes of the site shows the most crucial issues in designing. As the context of the project demonstrated the houses that optimized by the various steps, it leads the designing path to concentrate on the identity of landscape. The three types of villa blocks are coming from the area of different sites. They biggest is almost 1000 sqm and located in the southern part and smallest land is about 500 sqm and located in northern part of this town. The three types of villa blocks are coming from the area of different sites.

  • Type

    Residential Complex

  • Date


  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Location

    Rudehen, Iran

  • Scale

    29.000 sqm


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