Namakaabrood Commercial Center

Namak Abroud is a turistic village and has an aerial tramway which starts at the sea level near the shores of the Caspian Sea and ends on the top of Alborz heights crossing dense forests of northern Iran. There are numerous villa cities around it which make this region a recreational region for the people of Tehran. Located 12 km from East Chalus is new Namak Abroud township covering some 650 hectares, with the Caspian sea on its north and Madoban (the Alborz) on its south. Approximately 200 hectare violet and box-tree parks made the area very spectacular. In this project, there was an existing structure with another organization. A challenge we were faced with was that this building was to be used as a complementary entrance building to the telecabine of this city. At first, we changed the organization of the existing structure, then eliminated a large proportion of the parking area from the project front, as the flow of pedestrians is much bigger than that of cars. We then added stacked plazas to the volume, replacing the eliminated parking area, making the whole building a walk-able public space, where local events can be held by the locals of Namak Abroud.

  • Type

    Commercial Complex

  • Date


  • Status


  • Location

    Mazandaran, Iran

  • Scale

    8200 sqm


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