Kazemi Complex

Politically, Qom it’s one of the most important international origins for Muslim theologians. Qom is characterized by religious ceremonies andeventswhichbring pilgrims and tourists every year to participate in events or worship the in the holy shrine of Masoume. The poor quality of the existing hotels creates a shortcoming of accommodations and transforms the function of the residential fabrics around the shrine to transitory accommodations. This transformation provides a change in performance of the super block between the holy shrine and Qom Public Mosque to a location of interactive events for tourists. The project brief was to design a mixed use complex including retails stores, hotels, offices, and convention center, in a land with 30k sqm area. According to the influence of this program presence in the middle of the super block (i.e. traffic and scale), this complex has the potential to change and unbalance the behavior and character of the context. The context gains its unique character from its urban spaces with the origins of the religious events and activities between the contexts of the fabric cells. Result in the future of those events in its fluidness without a sharp form and take the shape of the spaces around. So the most important strategy to design such a complex, is to keep the context of public spaces and connectivity following the context behaviar.

  • Type

    Commercial Complex

  • Date


  • Status

    Concept Design

  • Location

    Qom , Iran

  • Scale

    250,000 sqm


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