Golpad Tower

Design Brief:The earth is relaxing and the more we distance ourselves from it, the more we feel loneliness and insecurity,so we should refer to it as much as we can and be aware that life at a height, along with the pleasure and excitement it needs, needs the memory and experience of the earth to be able to give us more peace.The most important thing that we lose by living at altitude is the touch of the ground and the elements that connect us to the ground. From touching the material and the smell of the yard wall to …. and signs; It means the same names that you put on spaces.There was a place called penthouse and full of broken walls and cluttered spaces; Its identity were not known anywhere; We also removed all the names and signs on the spaces; I mean the same bedroom, reception,living room, etc.

Strategy:The memory of the city has always been interesting; For example, in Tehran, from the garden alleys in the north of the city to the simplest urban elements and the narrow brick alleys in the middle of the city with windows that smell of food, they all connect people to Tehran and with these we can touch Tehran.

Design Idea:Therefore, we removed all the walls and turned it into one level in height (17th floor). Then we let the spaces introduce themselves; We connected two isolated and distant terraces, one of which was north and one of which was south, and this connection gave us a space with two personalities from the outside but in the depth of the space;The brick walls of the alley give us a sense of the outside, where we can walk and stroll. Very interesting, an alley but not on the ground, but in the height, an alley but not outside, in the middle of the house. This alley connects different spaces and displays of the house and has different qualities, sensations,and smells along its length, just like the displays and spaces next to it. Once my phone did not ring; The owner of the house said: Go to the alley, there is service out there.

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    Tehran , Iran

  • Scale

    612 sqm


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