Aqaqia Residential

The idea behind this project was to form a building from several frames and windows, between which life and activity would happen and through which the park in front of the project could be seen. Now the question is how we would place these frames to form the whole project? How do we want the building to look like? The idea was to show a progress from order to irregularity, to illustrate what the project site really is. The project site with its neighbor block on the west has a rigid, order-based and regular personality, while the freedom that it has on the east gives it a more diverse character. That’s where there are no obstacles for it to stretch its arms and embrace the city. In this project, the location of the site beside the eastern neighbor block and the two free sides of the site gave the designer this idea that the to-be-designed block is quite static on the east side while it can be more dynamic on the west side, giving it excitement and joy through a variance created by the sliding of the project elements beside each other and the re-scaling them. The project site guided the designer through creating a transition from a rigid block on the east side to an excitement and variance on the west.

  • Type


  • Date


  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Location

    Tehran, Iran

  • Scale

    7,200 sqm