Aghdasieh Residential

Tehran is growing; This growth is happening through transformation of villas to apartments and repetition of units with similar shapes, and envelopes which come out of a very primitive interpretation of building codes, which has caused similar living scenarios. While have a new definition of building codes parallel to the environment factors and context behaviors like light, view and topography, can bring more interactive life style and living scenarios by generation of architectural strategies responsive to its surroundings. Two common factors make people choose to live in heights, for increased daylight and for an enhanced view of the surrounding landscape. The main reason is that these increase the quality of life. It is crucial that surfaces provide these two factors, regardless of their material type and quality. These surfaces can form a tower collectively, each are infused with life and as a result, form a multiple-story structure filled with life. The more the surfaces emerge the form and the more they are protruded the better they engage themselves with the context. This engagement makes reaching the qualities mentioned more achievable, increased daylight and enhanced landscape. Moreover, such surfaces define a living scenario. The main potential of the project site was its invasion by the streets. The site was open from all sides, which made a holistic view of the city more possible. Moreover, Tehran is a grey and monotonous city that offers a dull lifestyle even in heights. In fact, it is geographically and topographically unique, making living in heights even more spectacular than the way it eventually is. What most residential projects in Tehran suffer from is their unsuitable positioning on site and insufficient light and view by facing the South and the North. This project, not only solves the aforementioned issues but captures light from both the West and the East. Generally, it provides residents with all different views. The tower’s surface is in fact formed of different surfaces and is carved in certain areas. These form terraces and openings and arrange both the interior and the exterior envelope.


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  • Date


  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Location

    Tehran , Iran

  • Scale

    15,000 sqm


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